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Updated: Jan 17

A Carport are an open-sided shelter offering limited protection to vehicles from mostly the weather elements, usually formed by a roof projecting from the side of a building, boundary wall or free standing. These “shelters” are supplied in kit form or made to order and installed on site in a wide range of designs e.g. flat topped, A-framed, deluxe and full cantilever units with various finishes. Carports are available for domestic and commercial markets. It's also more economical to build a carport than it is to build an addition to a garage or even build a new garage.

Unlike garages, carports do not block out all of the wind and still leave vehicle under the carport vulnerable to weather elements. Carports also do not provide any storage room the way a garage might and may require levelling the ground or add a concrete foundation, depending on the terrain. The Steel used has more advantages as timber constructed ports. The biggest of these advantages is the fire resistant and will not be prone to termites or mould from water damage. These days’ designs and finishing’s on steel carports matches those of wood and can look very attractive and can be constructed to fit in with a home's overall style and aesthetics.

The basic all-round known carports in South Africa is the four post flat top, constructed from cold rolled sections, either welded or bolted together in a rectangular shape frame. Support legs of 75mm square section. Purlins 100 x 50. The facias are 150 x 50 Lip channel. Sheeting 7/IBR profile or corrugated iron either galvanized or chromodeck with finishing’s of complete drip-primed paint and making off bases around verticals to gutters and downpipe erection.

Do you need plans for these structures?

Yes, Most of South Africa’s municipalities / Local Authority’s require house plans/ plans to be submitted for structures, carports forms part of the municipality’s definition of “structures”. Most suppliers do provide plans, but for the DIY / owner builder, pre-drawn plans is available or you could consult a SACAP registered architectural person for these services, submit plans and follow the submission process to get the plans approved.

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